About me

From a young age, I've been drawn to the world of healthy living, nutrition, and exercise. My journey began with my first diet at the age of 13, leading to significant weight loss but also triggering health issues and, unknowingly, an eating disorder that would take me over 15 years to comprehend.

At 19, I embarked on a transformative chapter by indulging my passion for travel, exploring various countries across Europe. England became a significant stop, becoming my home for a total of 16 years.

In the UK, my commitment to health and fitness deepened. In 2007, I initiated my fitness education with Future Fit Training in Manchester, completing 12 diverse courses that culminated in my qualification as a personal trainer.

Commencing my career, I engaged with clients and found a profound connection with women facing similar challenges. The realization dawned that transformation transcends mere physical aspects. My focus naturally shifted towards understanding the holistic facets of our well-being.

I'm inherently inclined to delve into the root of issues rather than addressing surface symptoms. This approach guided me in exploring the fundamental causes of body image struggles and eating disorders. Armed with this knowledge, I began to heal my own wounds.

My quest for understanding extended to studying diverse therapeutic approaches, including trauma, PTSD, developmental trauma, anxiety, and depression. Guided by a passion for helping others, I now serve as a therapist and a holistic personal trainer, assisting clients in navigating personal challenges, alleviating emotional burdens, and empowering them to cultivate a healthier mind.

Yet, the most rewarding aspect of my work is witnessing the evolution of my clients' lives. I am profoundly grateful to play a role in their transformative journeys.