Root cause of your headaches/migraines

My big passion is looking into and finding the root cause of different physical ailments.

When it comes to headaches and migraines, I have noticed some common emotional-behavioural patterns amongst people, especially women.

At this point it is important for me to mention that our bodies have a threshold. When we feel tired or when we feel pain, it is our body’s way of saying „pay attention“. When we don’t listen, the symptoms often intensify.

Headaches are common amongst people who have no boundaries and who push themselves too hard. Having a headache is our body’s way of saying „I’ve had enough“. When we don’t listen, headache can turn into a migraine. And this time the body is literally screaming „stoooop right now!!“

Women are experts at pushing themselves beyond their limits, especially those who are mums. I’ve seen a huge increase in these ailments during the summer, while the children have been off school and their mums have tried their hardest to look after them as well as they could. Not having any time to themselves and dedicating every single second of their time to the family.

There is one more root cause I have noticed, one that is common amongst people suffering with chronic pain in general. 

There is a deeper issue I noticed. A very serious one!! This is very common amongst women who get migraines. It’s hard for me not to see the amount of hate they feel towards their own body. The common belief is that their body is not functioning as well as it should be and so they turn against it because they feel their body is letting them down. This is a very common pattern with those who struggle with chronic pain in general. It’s a very dangerous pattern to get into as it creates a viscous cycle that is difficult to get out of. Plus it sends our health into a downward spiral.

Until we learn to understand how our body functions and that we have to treat it with respect, we will be at war with it. Healing comes from surrendering to the pain and having respect towards our body and its defense mechanisms.

If you are a mum, it’s ok not to manage all the tasks perfectly well. It’s fine to admit to yourself and your children that you struggle at times. If you keep pushing beyond your limits at the expense of your health, what are you teaching your children? Feeling a struggle on the inside and not doing anything about it is a very dangerous game. Make time for yourself. Get help when you can. And don’t be too hard on yourself.